Solomon Andeerson Group


Solomon Andeerson Group is working toward our goal to become an online trading powerhouse that covers areas like:-

  1. Hedge Fund Investment business in Hong Kong
  2. Online Trading for Forex, Gold, Indices, Crypto and etc.
  3. Education course for Forex, Gold, Indices, Crypto and etc.
  4. Brokering Business in Indonesia and Cayman Island
  5. Liquidity Provider Business
  6. Offshore Investment, Offshore Insurance and Offshore Bank.

Welcome to connect with us to explore any business co-operation and let us grow together toward the IPO target at Hong Kong in 2026.




Andeerson Wong

Group CEO.

Whatsapp: +60192804672
Line, Telegram and WeChat: +60133804672, +60133194134

Asia Pacific – Hong Kong